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I'm not at all ready to actually do this (at least, I don't think I am?!) but for the past couple days I can't stop thinking about what would happen if there were some type of scuffle between a vampire and a tyrant. Instinctively I feel like the way to work out a headcanon would be to write it all down and iron the details out BUT THAT'S LIKE TOO RIDICULOUS FOR WORDS.

But THIS ALL STARTED because I was talking on FB about how people tear Marius down for being "problematic", and that my opinion is "you are correct, however calling him problematic is a little dramatic because he's a fictitious character and has no bearing on the real world and people use various types of evil and sketchiness to explore abstract ideas within the confines of fiction" and also "I love villains anyway so I really don't care because in case no one noticed, Wesker is my other fandom hero and idgaf".

So of course the idea of Marius and Wesker being in close proximity within my brain at that moment had me like WOAH JEEZ.

My mind is like on fire thinking about the possibilities. I feel like those two would probably have a begrudging respect for each other and stay out of each other's ways. But I'm curious to know if vampires would be able to drink the T-Virus blood, because it isn't a regular disease that the Blood would be able to purge, and under enough duress the T-Virus could trigger a mutation, and if the mutation is on some molecular level does it then make the T-blood not really enough like human blood anymore?!

I have like a deep, cavernous and labyrinthian Wesker headcanon that, at this point, has a mind of its own and is so fucking out there and barely hanging onto real canon by a thread but. THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT TO PASS THE HOURS AT WORK. It's my new dilemma. I mean. It's amusing me but I'm not literally going to write it. Probably. >> IT'S LIKE TOO MANY STOIC BLONDE DUDES FOR ONE SPACE, IT WILL NEVER WORK. TOO CARTOONY FOR WORDS.

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