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In the Trials of the Heart

Rating: Matureish for blood makeout, drugs, and vampirey things.
Words: 10560
Pairing: Armand/Daniel, Marius/Daniel, OT3 Salt Triangle
Summary: Armand gets invited to Rio for Chrristmas; salt and angst ensue.
Supplemental Material: Title borrowed from
So I Can Grow by Cold Showers, which reminds me of Armand and makes me ugly cry. There's some fanart & music Easter Eggs all over the story, happy hunting. Will happily discuss the soundtrack if you have questions or pick up on the hints. 

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I was going to post the fic itself in here, but the formatting is aggravating me too much, so click the link. -_-

Moon Above, Sun Below

Rating: X
Words: 9764
Pairing: Armand/Daniel
Summary: Gratuitous pr0n about that phase when Armand liked to watch Daniel have sex with people.
Supplemental Material: Title borrowed from this Opeth song. I think it’s pretty vampirey.

ANYWAY so this is my first VC fic. I haven't written fanfiction in like 10 years and I grew up during the VC DARK TIMES so I never bothered in the past. Yikes!

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